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Our next Event is on Sunday, the 29th of July 2018!
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Among the herd that is the Pune nightlife, there is a lore about a place where the select elite secretly meet. To fraternize.

More importantly, to make memories.

An Agenda?
There is one.

An all new stand-alone restaurant lounge based in Baner, URBO is a multi-faceted space that aims to create some of the most memorable experiences with respect to dining, drinking, and social events in the Pune scene.

From live acts by India’s most in-demand music artists, to having different arenas for private lounges and watering holes, to a well-curated vegetarian/vegan cusine to die for, this is one night-out destination that you wish you knew about.

To make a experience truly memorable, the ambience matters. We know. We have four distinctly different arenas, all in one vicinity.

So the spy, the actress and the baron can all sit away from each other. If they wanted too.

Four spaces.
Four versions
of a night out.

Star Reverb Lounge
Our hero, our main space. Live events, dancing, club vibes, a standing bar: it all happens here.
Star Bespoke Deck
Our hero, our main space. Live events, dancing, club vibes, a standing bar: it all happens here.
Star Ultimate Dining
Ultimate Dining is our Head Chef’s playground, a mecca of some of the finest vegetarian/vegan food that makes for a great fine-dining experience.
Star Open Street
A more relaxed evening experience, where friends or loved ones can sit together and create some great memories.
We are open to reservations for the the Ultimate Dining and Bespoke deck spaces.

A spread that stimulates, and suprises equally.

Our kitchen is magic. With chefs smuggled out of the cauldrons that are some of the acclaimed kitchens of the world, the money really is where the mouth is at Urbo.

Urbo focues on providing an exhaustive list of vegan/vegetarian dishes available to order, and a line-up that covers cuisines from all over the world, including Mediterranean, Italian, Lebanese, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, South American preparations, apart from familiar list of hard-to-better Indian delicacies.

The best of these can be experienced at Ulitmate Dining, a space within Urbo designed specifically for a elite restaurant experience, and which have a more comprehensive menu than the others.

For a full list of the choices available, look us up on Zomato. Or just have a look at some of specials that the Chef wants to share with you down below.


The upper echelons of Urbo know the who’s who of the world. And they leave no contact unturned in arranging for some of the best music and live acts you’ve been to.

If you’re invited, of course.
MOST RECENT 29 / 07 / 2018

The Goa Collective

An evening of 6 Euphonies!

For tickets and more information, visit Out of Ordinary


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